“Secrets of a Geisha” Slot Machine


Secrets of a Geisha Slot Machine is a new slot machine from Bovada with a Japanese theme. This game features 5 reels and 25 pay lines, and it will put you in direct contact with the attractive performers. It’s jam-packed with bonus slot features. This casino slot game provides players with various payoff opportunities while also giving a high level of pleasure. While you play the reels of this slot machine, geishas will perform. Investigate it right now at 9 line slots website.


When you start playing the slot game, you will see that it has a visually appealing layout. The reels are housed within a Japanese temple and are surrounded on all sides by cherry blossoms. Furthermore, they are sitting in a field that is soaked in sunlight. You might feel compelled to visit Tokyo after playing the Secrets of a Geisha slot game. The reason for this is that it does a fantastic job of highlighting some of Japan’s unique splendors. Some of the goods that feature as game icons are paper fans, elegant parasols, silky kimonos, Geta sandals, and, of course, lovely geishas.

“Secrets of a Geisha” Slot Machine


Aside from being visually appealing, the geisha slot symbols have two functions. When two or more of them appear on the reels, they operate like regular symbols and pay out anywhere from two to three hundred times the number of coins stacked each line. Additionally, they serve as scatter symbols. If you get three or more of them in any position on the reels, you will be awarded up to ten free games and a three-fold multiplier.


What Would Happen to the Secrets of a Geisha Slot if Players Didn’t Keep Returning?


Following each win, you will be able to play a simple hi-low game utilizing the payment. You will be directed to a screen with five geisha cards after pressing the “Gamble” button. The dealer’s card is on the left, and it will be presented to you before you make your decision. If you wish to double your money, you must choose a card that is higher than the one shown by the dealer. After you’ve made your selection, the remaining cards will be turned over one by one, revealing your fate. Have joy with the big reveal since it will get you the closest to comprehending the geisha’s deepest, darkest mysteries.


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